“Monitor” of German public TV investigates EU Commission’s role on water privatization

“Monitor” of German public TV investigates EU Commission’s role on water privatization

The tv show of German public television network “Monitor” held recently a research for the pressure that European Commission exerts on EU countries members to privatize the services of water supply.

The reportage starts with e reference on the region Pacos de Ferreira, in Portugal, where the privatization was imposed and within a few years water price increased by 400% and it’s still increasing on a 6% annual rate. “We cannot drink water anymore, as we used to do in the past, it is not good” report the residents of the region who have opposed the privatization since the beginning.

The 8 minutes duration video continues by exploring the heart of the matter in Brussels.It presents an in-depth research of the situation with documents that prove that a decision has already been made on “ opening  the water market ”,  a market, that is estimated in three- digit numbers of billions of euros. This procedure is , as it is mentioned, only to start from the southern countries.

The reportage informs us that the team of experts who act as advisors to Mr Barnier, the powerful man of EU Commission, and who decide the policy on water, is called Steering Group and consists of several CEOs of the biggest corporations of the water market.

“I did not select the group” Barnier declares when the journalist reads to him the participants’ list by adding “If you ask me if the current group composition could be more balanced I’d say yes”

“Water a human right or a billion euros business? ”

“Brussels has already decided”.

“Water in the future shall belong to the corporations rather than all of us.”

This is how a reportage of  a real news  broadcast of  a real public television ends. That of the German  public television.

We wish soon to see the same attitude in one of our own public networks.


Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece

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