Event and voting at Pallini “Water as a commons”

Event and voting at Pallini “Water as a commons”

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An open discussion will take place at Pallini on Wednesday, 30 January at 18:30 (Cultural Center – Winery Peter L. 117 Marathon, next OAED Pallini), organized by ANESPAA. (Development, Environmental, Consumer and Scientific Association of the Citizens of Eastern Attica)

The event will begin with the screening of the documentary “Life For Sale”, by the journalist G. Avgeropoulos, dealing with the negative experience of the privatization of water in other countries. The journalist Mr. Avgeropoulos will open the event and introduce the subject.
After the screening, representatives of the union of employees of EYDAP and others from  the citizens’ initiative «SAVEGREEKWATER»(for the non privatization of water in Greece), will inform the attendees on the problems that will be caused by  the imminent privatization of greek water companies  (EYDAP and EYATH), and what were the consequences of privatization in France, Germany, Canada, etc.
After the event, a resolution will be voted and signed by the residents of the area which is to be delivered to the Municipal Councils of Eastern Attica.

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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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