MEP Swoboda responds to SAVEGREEKWATER’s Intervention at “The South Ιn Talk”

MEP Swoboda responds to SAVEGREEKWATER’s Intervention at “The South Ιn Talk”
A question – intervention was made by SAVEGREEKWATER Initiative on 25/1/2013, at the open discussion entitled  “The South in Crisis: Time for a Southern Progressive Response? organized by the PASOK MEP Marilena Koppa at the  amphitheater Technopolis- Gazi (Athens),  in the presence of MEPs and politicians from socialist parties of the Southern Europe but also the Austrian  Hannes Swoboda, President of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament.  Despite the fact that the time appointed to receive  questions from the audience was very limited, a thing that prevented us from retaking the speech to question the MEP\’s regarding the violation from EU Commission\’s part of the EU Treaty that ordains neutrality on public or private water services management, nor  about how the privatization in Greece can be obstructed since it is the Troika (a member of which is the EU Commission) that pressures towards this direction, we had at least the chance to ask Mr.  Swoboda a very specific question.

Watch the question and the answer in the following video. In the second, longer video available only in Greek one can listen to what is translated in Greek by the professional translator of the event, for those that were wearing headphones and listened to the interventions in Greek, and those who watched the event on  live streaming via Internet.[/box]

More info on the moratorium against Suez Veolia Saur here.

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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