22 March World Water Day – Athens Mobilization programme

22 March World Water Day – Athens Mobilization programme

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[box]                                        March 22 is the World Water Day.

For Greece there’s is of an updated importance due to the threatened privatization of water services.

Let us be heard to the EU, which  is  imposing the privatization of our major natural asset in all southern countries against the will of the majority

Let us demand that public management gets under law protection and as in the Netherlands.

Not only by signing but also  by participating in the actions organized by a variety of collectives.[/box]

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Friday 22 March

World Water Day

On the event of World Water Day, the Alternative Action for quality of life, the Savegreekwater initiative , the movement of collective & united workers and retirees for a public water service, the team “Spithari”, the association of friends of the archaeological museum Marathon, the Zouberi Cultural Association, the development & scientific citizens association of eastern Attica and other collectives

organize actions

to raise public awareness about the devastating effects (based on the international experience) of the declared threat of water privatization in our country.

Program of actions and protests

against scheduled sale of water services.


MORNING 11 am Marathon dam

mass protest at Marathon lake dam

AFTENOON 6 pm – Syntagma Square

Bicycling from the heart of Athens to the EYDAP offices

EVENING 20.30 – Navarinou self-organized Park

Open event discussion, video show on the privatization of water.

The evening will close with an open “water party” with songs dedicated to water


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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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