Municipality of Marathon adopts resolution against privatization

Municipality of Marathon adopts resolution against privatization

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[box] The Marathon City Council adopted a resolution against the privatization of EYDAP on its meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 almost unanimously. Hopefully this will be a first move of the Municipality in order not to sign the concession contract network that would put ahead of privatization an even larger customer base for the coming multinational companies. Keep in mind that the City of Marathon is one of the municipalities of Attica which has large debts to EYDAP and the company has proposed concession of the network as part of a debt settlement agreement.[/box]

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Marathon City Council


Water should be public because it is an essential life element.

The clean & reachable water is a human right and the wide issue of water management for private and agricultural use should remain a public good.

The privatization of water is primarily a matter of democracy.

International experience has shown that privatization of water results in the huge increase in prices as well as huge drop of quality. Water management privatization wherever took place led to:

Huge increases in the price (Portugal Morocco 400% 300% 100% Argentina 67% UK)

Non potable drinking water, malfunctioning networks (water contaminated in Sydney, Ontario, Buenos Aires, S. Africa).

Across Europe grows a large movement aiming the municipal or state water management in the 21st century

In France, Remunicipalisation advances in all major contracts for municipal water.

In Italy, in the 2011 referendum, 95% voted against the privatization of water.

In Germany the entire water sector belongs to public authorities.

In Greece, we are going backwards.

The EYDAP is not deficient & it secures water adequacy and excellent quality.

We oppose to the sale of EYDAP . We believe that such a step is at the expense of the public interest, and we reserve the right of a private company and any legal entity to exclusively or partially own rights of water resources use which are natural resources indispensable to the survival of people, plants and animals, goods protected by European legislation (Framework Directive 2000/60) and the UN who on July 28, 2010 adopted a resolution to add access to clean water in the Declaration of Human Rights (AG/10967) .

We demand water to remain a public & social good, safe and cheap for everyone and EYDAP to continue to be a public company.

Although the trend in Europe is to recover water companies from various municipalities, once again the Greek state with twenty years of delay gets “back to the future”.

What we will be the fate of water on costly, remote or sparsely populated areas under private initiative?

What kind of ecological burden can lead to further loss of social control in the amount of water pumped and sold?

What is ultimately on sale and at what is the loss of entire society considering the high cost already paid for with taxpayers’ expense concerning infrastructure?

We demand to withdraw EYDAP and any other water company from the menu of privatization and to protect natural water sources throughout the country.

Marathon March 19, 2013

The resolution adopted at the meeting Tuesday, March 19, 2013 following a proposal submitted by Fotis Delivorias almost unanimously (with a single white vote from L. Stephanides ).

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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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