WATER SOS at Thessaloniki!

WATER SOS at Thessaloniki!

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The coordinating committee that came from the open popular assembly held by the workers’ union of EYATH at municipal hall in Thessaloniki on Thursday 28/3 met yesterday and named itself as : “water SOS!”

The aim of the coordinating committee is the non-privatization of EYATH.

There has been extensive debate among the participants including proposals & actions against the privatization of water in Thessaloniki.

Submitted proposals concerned :

• Informing all municipal councils, issuing resolutions and promoting thecall for a referendum.

• Informing all citizens’ initiatives, popular assemblies, and all collectives of our city, on what the privatization of water means.

• Using stands in public places in order to inform and collect signatures.

• Building a network with all city institutions such as universities, the technical chamber , EKTH, EDOTH.

• Organizing a concert at Aristoteles’ square

• Organizing actions in numerous city spots in order to raise awareness on the issue

The proposal for a massive non-payment of bills if EYATH is privatized drew attention

A secretariat was appointed which is about to determine the next committee meeting in the following week.

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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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