Mayor of Pavlos Melas: EYATH to Municipal Control

Mayor of Pavlos Melas: EYATH to Municipal Control

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[box] Diamantes Papadopoulos, Mayor of Pavlos Melas, a town which since 2011 has already adopted a resolution against the privatization of EYATh, issued the following statement, warning against the dangers of the governmental actions and putting forth the proposition that EYATh shall be given to the municipalities it serves.[/box]

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Diamantes Papadopoulos: “EYATh should be transfered to municipal control”.

As the procedure for the privatization of EYATh reaches its final stage, Diamantes Papadopoulos, mayor of Pavlos Melas, made the following statement “Water is a common good and thus it is not for sale. It is not a trade commodity nor shall it be used for financial profit, instead everyone shall have free access to it, as it is a necessary constituent of life itself. Citizens and municipal councils shall act in concern to protect this common good. The latter, especially, shall be first in line and help create cooperatives that will try to obtain claim the ownership of water companies. The crime of water services privatization shall stop now. In no way shall we accede to EYATh becoming a private company.”

The Municipal Council of Pavlos Melas has already, in 2011, issued a voting against the privatization of water companies.

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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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