Thermi Municipality: “Voting in support of EYATH employees”

Thermi Municipality: “Voting in support of EYATH employees”

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[box] In the open popular assembly against the privatization of EYATH organized on the 28 of March by the EYATH Employees Union  Thermi Municipality was represented by the Mayor Theodoros Papadopoulos and Deputy Mayor of Planning, Development & Communication Socrates Famellos. They renewed their support in every effort against EYATH privatization and reported that the Municipality of Thermi had adopted a relevant resolution since 2011[/box]

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Resolution of the Therme Municipality Council nr. 288/2011

Don’t give EYATh away – Support the EYATh Workers Union

 At the same time when the Water and Hygiene services in big European cities, such as Paris and Berlin, are returned to municipal control, the Greek Government proceeds with selling EYATh to private companies, despite what the Prime Minister promised in his speech (2009 Thessaloniki International Exhibition) namely that “water resources are not to be privatized”. EYATh is a public company dealing in water for the common good, has profits and is not burdened with any loan payments.

The international tendency towards returning water services to the public sector is based on the following principles and facts:

Water is a common social good, necessary for life itself, and thus cannot become a trading commodity used for the profit of private interests. Everyone shall have access to it especially the lower and suffering parts of human society.

Private control of water led to:

  • Minimal investment and the neglect of maintenance on water networks
  • Increases on the water price
  • A lowering on the quality of services mainly due to huge decreases in personnel
  • Depletion of the water reserves through overconsumption

We need to prepare for the climate change whose presence is already known and the shortage of water this will lead to. Therefore water consumption shall be controlled by the public authorities, otherwise it will easily become just another factor leading to the increase of profits of those that control it irrespective of any consequences.

We consider it absolutely unacceptable that the water networks, constructed by the Greek State with public funds, are to be sold to private speculators especially at such a low price. This decision for the alienation of an important factor of public wealth inevitably leads to the loss of the know-how acquired by EYATh during its long years of public service that can and shall be used for the public good.

We insist that EYATh be kept a public company and that it shall be turned over to the control of the local municipalities – representatives of its actual investors and shareholders, the citizens of the Thessaloniki area.

The government’s decision entails catastrophic consequences in that it alienates one of the most important local industries against the real needs of the country for investment and development.

Therefore we stand in allegiance to the EYATh personnel and ask for a plebiscite to decide for or against the privatization of water and sewage services.

Referendum NOW that water is a common good!

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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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