Suez with Ellaktor among 4 biders who enter the EYATH tender

Suez with Ellaktor among 4 biders who enter the EYATH tender

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[box] Four groups declared today their (non-binding) intent to buy 51% of the EYATh share. Suez cooperating with local mega-contractor Bobolas was no surprise to anyone, as was Veolia’s backing off; the latter seems to have decided to withdraw from Europe if such can be discerned from the selling of its Portugal business to a Chinese company[/box]

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Report by enet

The four competitors are: French Suez Environment with ELLAKTOR (controlled by Bobolas and Kalitsantsis), GEK-TERNA with local businessman G. Apostolopoulos (owner of Athens Medical) and the Israeli Mekorot, the Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvides and Movement 136, a citizens’ initiative.

In detail:

French Suez Environment in joint venture with ELLAKTOR (controlled by local contractors Bobolas and Kalitsantsis) was no surprise to anyone. Suez already owns 5% of the EYATh shares; Suez also took part in the abortive 2009 public tender when a minority part of such shares were to be sold.

GEK-TERNA (a greek public works contractor) and local health services businessman G. Apostolopoulos in joint venture with the Israeli Mekorot, as, according to the tender’s terms, competitors must prove at least a 5 year long experience in water and hygiene issues in cities with at least 500.000 inhabitants (which the former two obviously don’t have. Same of course is valid for ELLAKTOR above).

Ivan Savvides hasn’t yet found a water services company to enter the tender with and therefore has asked for a two month postponement.

Movement 136 is a local citizens’ initiative against the privatization of water services. They claim that water services shall be run by their users organized in cooperatives. Their name stems from their claim that if all users of the EYATh water services acted together the cost for acquiring the shares would be € 136 per household.

Veolia and Aqualia who have taken part in the 2009 public did not express any intention to compete in this public tender.

According to the public tender terms, the first part of the procedure will deal with the ability of the competitors to cover technical and financial issues. Legal issues will also be examined. Those found competent will proceed to the next phase: they will be permitted access to the ledgers and minutes of EYATh and then they will submit their bids.

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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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