FLOW for love of Water (2008)

FLOW for love of Water (2008)
Irena Salina’s awarded documentary  Flow-For Love of Water is exploring the issue that most  experts consider the most important political and enviromenta issue of the 21st century. The world water crisis. Salina’s research focuses on politics, pollution, human rights and the appearance of several corporations that target the control of water. Have you ever wondered if  “We can really possess water?” After the projection of the film: For a second time the french courts justified  TV Channel ARTE, producer of the awarded documentary FLOW, that describes the catastrophic practices of multinationals in the water sector, among them Suez,  a stock holder of 5,46% of EYATH (Thessaloniki Water Company) that according to recent publications is interested in its full take-over. In 2010, a french court dismissed the δefamation lawsuit law of  Suez aganist FLOW. It also ordered that Suez should compensate the film’s producers for their legal expenses. Diisatisfied from this decision Suez appealed. In 27 June of 2012 the e court rejected the appeal and once more justified the accused.
Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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