INKA (Consumers Institute): “No to water commercialization”

INKA (Consumers Institute): “No to water commercialization”

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[box] INKA, the oldest consumers union in Greece published a press release against the privatization of water services and the commercialization of our natural resource. We hope that soon other consumer unions will publish similar announcements .[/box]

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ΙΝΚΑ – ΔΤ 432 29.04.13

No to water commercialization

No to multinational “spiv” companies

Water is natural, social and national good. Its commercialization is not allowed. It is managed by the state, on a non profit basis, in a way that the citizens cover the minimum operating expenses  so that the state can provide them  with clean & cheap water.
Within the frame of a new totalitarianism water is used for profitization by spiv companies (which ‘sell’ our social rights & the nature without producing anything)  at a very expensive price and in poor quality. In many cases, the poor quality of water has led to massive infections, such as in South Africa and even in death, in Canada. In Romania, since 2001 when the service was privatized, water prices twelvefolded! There are many examples of corruption and huge tax avoidance from these companies, such as the notorious example of Great Britain, where it was revealed that the actions of water companies burden British consumers with approximately 2 billion pounds more every year than if they were stately owned!
In France, which had a long history of private water management with French multinational companies, the reverse process has started: In Paris and eight other major French cities, water returns to municipalities while spiv companies’ contracts are not renewed.

INKA works together with SAVEGREEKWATER and participates in the European Citizens’ Initiative so that the European Parliament institutionalizes the non-commercialization of water services. Currently 1.5 million European citizens have signed the official text of the European Citizens’ Initiative. In Greece, the entries reach the 8,500, and must be at least 16,500.
We invite all Greeks to get informed and sign the text of the European Citizens’ Initiative, requiring the water to continue to be provided as a public good in high quality and at a low price.

The website that allow Greek citizens to sign are: or
SAY NO to the commercialization of physical goods (WATER, AIR, DOMESTIC ENERGY)

• SAY NO TO spiv companies


• SAY NO to cheap pretexts about debt & lenders


PS: if Any “smart guys” “buy” the greek water, they will not pay a penny! On the contrary they will receive more than 700 million euros which is the EYDAP requirements from the state and municipalities , minus the ‘sale’ price…

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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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