Voting by Ierapetra Municipality against water privatization

Voting by Ierapetra Municipality against water privatization

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[box] A voting was adopted by the City Council of Ierapetra  against water privatization. It is the first Cretan Municipality to move in this direction and we hope that others will follow soon.[/box]

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 The Ierapetra (Crete, Greece) City Council convened on 28th May 2013 and unanimously accepted a proposition of Mayor Sefes Anastasakes concerning the privatization of water services in Greece. According to  Municipal Resolution 130/2013:

The (Ierapetra) Municipal Council herewith declares its objection to the privatization of any institution(s) dealing with water services. The Municipal Council is willing to use any and all means so that water remains a public good used for the welfare of the people.

Water is a public good and not a commodity! We ask that the EU Commission proposes a legislation that will safeguard the people’s right to access to water not only as a means for life itself but for hygiene and irrigation purposes too. The EU must press governments to provide all citizens with clear, drinkable water as well as keep hygiene services to a high standard and also provide adequate amounts of water for irrigation purposes. We suggest:

  • That the EU as well as the member state comply to their obligation to provide water, hygiene and irrigation services to all citizens.
  •  That water services and management of water resources remain always under public control beyond the “free” market rules and to prohibit  water market liberalization.
  • That the EU strive harder so that all EU inhabitants have access to water services, hygiene services and irrigation water where appropriate.

 For the Ierapetra City Council

 Chairman                         Secretary                      Members



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Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece

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