Action Committee of Markopoulou – Porto Rafti

Action Committee of Markopoulou – Porto Rafti

THE ACTION COMMITTEE OF MARKOPOULOU-PORTO RAFTI” organises on FRIDAY JULY 19 at 8:00 p.m at the Port of Porto-Rafti an event called:

«Water is a common good not a commodity. Who and why promote its privatization».

What is the provision of the Memorandum on water?
What is the international experience of privatisation on water sector?
What does concession of water supply mean? What our municipality is going to do;
How the privatisation of water is going to affect our life?
How are we going to fight against the privatisation?

Speakers :
Smyrniotis Charis, President of the union of IGME(Institute of Geology and Mineral Research).
Lymperis Kostas, employee at EYDAP.
Member of Citizen’s Initiative against water privatisation, SAVE GREEK WATER.

The debate will be followed by the projection of the film “Even the rain

A Spanish film crew shots a film in Bolivia about Christopher Columbus but members entangled in local riots erupt on the privatization of water. Spanish – production 2010.

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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