Union Citizens for Water appealed to the District Attorney for the privatization of EYATh

Union Citizens for Water appealed to the District Attorney for the privatization of EYATh
The Union Citizens for Water ( Movement 136) appealed in Thessaloniki’s District Attorney in order to get from TAIPED the information requested which is related to its exclusion from the public tender for the privatization of EYATh.

kinisi-136-logko-trans_0Through his lawyer, Movement 136 requested the assistance of the Prosecutor of Thessaloniki to manage to get hold of the information requested for months from TAIPED. But, so far at least, the TAIPED does not seem to count upon not even the prosecutors, and still has not given any evidence whatsoever.

Movement 136 accuses TAIPED for a series of irregularities in the process of opening envelopes of tender and intends to take legal action to stop the tender for the sale of EYATh. According to the representative Lazarus Angel, the statutory process was not followed. ” TAIPED did not call us, as it was required, in the opening of the envelopes of tenders, and refuses to give us information about the process, while refusing to give us even the record of decision blocking us from the competition.” As an argument, adds L. Angel, TAIPED argues that it is not obliged to provide information about the competition, because it’s a private company. This is what TAIPED supports in a four-page letter sent in response to the complaint lodged by Movement 136 in the decision to exclude us, says L. Angel. “But they do not give us the information we request to see why we were excluded and why other companies passed to the next stage of the competition,” he says. Movement 136 has requested the assistance of the public prosecutor, who sent a letter to TAIPED with Movement 136’s request and asks to take care at their discretion. But yet no response.


“They behave like managing their own property. May TAIPED be a private company, but EYATh is a public property. It is a state company. And TAIPED must ensure the public interest, “said L. Angel. Furthermore he notes that he intends to use the information requested by the Movement 136 from TAIPED to the appeal which is about to fill in for the annulment of the tender for the privatization of EYATh. And TAIPED seems to try to stall so that they might delay the filing of the appeal, and by that to go ahead the competition and achieve the sale of EYATh, contrary to the will of the municipalities of Thessaloniki, who have decide to hold a referendum on the issue.

source: ΕΝΕΤ

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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