Group photography exhibition «Η2Ο+ Η2Ο-»

Group photography exhibition «Η2Ο+ Η2Ο-»
A group photo exhibition themed on water is organized ​by doc4life, the cooperative of production and promotion of audiovisual material. The opening will be held on Wednesday, October 30, 2013, at 20.00, at the doc4life space (Dyaleon 15 Gazi, 1st floor). We will be there!

Group photography exhibition «Η2Ο+ Η2Ο-»

Η2Ο+ Η2Ο- : We exist  due to its existence. The foundation of life, the primordial substance which symbolize our birth, the power of the universe, the Great Mother of Earth, the source of every creature’s stamina. A world without water, would be a world without life.

Η2Ο+ Η2Ο- :  Sea,lakes,rivers,springs,the circle of water-clouds,rain,ice,snow,the legends and doctrines,the initiation,the purification,the magic,the tear,the carefree.

Η2Ο+ Η2Ο- :  The natural and environmental good, social, public,collective.Fundamental human right to life.Main resource of development, indispensable to the productive procedure for the benefit of human needs.The reduce of water reserves , the pollution and the climate changes impact to the Water Circle.The commercialization and the privatization,the restriction mechanisms of a life source that belongs to all.

Η2Ο+ Η2Ο- :  The free access to drinking water,the water and sanitation public services is a universal human right that  should be protected.We should be vigilant as well for the proper management of the Water Circle-groundwater,waterland,rivers,lakes, seas and coasts.Any restraint attempts ,efforts of privatization and exploitation of water or its concession to private entities is against the human right to life. International, experience has shown that water privatization had tragic consequences for societies and the environment where was applied. Today a battle is given, all over the world to restore public and social control of water companies as well as the multifaceted participation of citizens in the management of this vital natural asset.

Because of the impending water privatization in our country, the collectivity of audiovisual material doc4life developers, supporting the struggle for public control of water companies, opens the new winter season with the organization of the second, thematic group exhibition, entitled “H2O + H2O-”

Our goal is to raise awareness, through art, for the precious good and the dangers caused by its shortage, pollution and privatization.

We hope you join us in every step of the way.

The event will take place on  Wednesday, October 30, 2013, at 20.00, at doc4life’s exhibition center.

Participants : Spyros Tsakiris, Tzivelekis Angelos, Stephanou Stelios, Spiliotopoulou Evangelia, Sideridis Dimitris, Seferoglou Orestis ,Prountzos Giorgos, Papamichou Maria Bogri Eva, Batzia Konstantina, Banilas George Moustafellou Claire, Michaelides Alexandros, Malkopoulos Constantinos, Livanos Giannis, Karolidou Eugenia, Kalimeris Dionisis, Kakavia Basiliki, Vavougios Argyris

The event will run until 30/11/2013

Cooperative production and promotion of audiovisual material doc4life

Address: Dialeon 15 Gazi, 1st floor Tel: 215 54 08 478

Opening hours: Daily 16.00 – 22.00, Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 – 20.00

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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