Savegreekwater SPOT “Ransom” (Something is up with the water)

Savegreekwater SPOT “Ransom” (Something is up with the water)

Private water, “dirty” water

The informative campaign “SOMETHING’S UP WITH THE WATER” was created by the Citizens’ Initiative  SAVEGREEKWATER with the volunteering help of 250 people from the world of cinema, theater and television. Its primary goal is the awareness raising for the protection of the common good of water from privatization:
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Director: Savvas Katirtzidis
Script/concept: Yorgos Nounesis/Savegreekwater
Cinematography: Nikos Kostopoulos
Editor: Nikos Vavouris/Artemis Anastasiadou
Costume Designer: Marina Goumla
Make up artist: Thomais Siopi
Sound: Themida Jaf
Music: “I Knew a Guy” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…
Producer/Production Manager: Yorgos Nounesis/Savvas Katirtzidis
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Manavi
Simos Patieridis
Kimonas Kouris

Special Thanks:
Nikos Bozanis
Nancy Galiou

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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