Massive participation in Thessaloniki water referendum

Massive participation in Thessaloniki water referendum

With a massive participation of over 210,000 and a deafening NO to privatization of EYATH, shouted by the overwhelming percentage of 98% , the citizens of Thessaloniki replied to the government’s efforts to silence their voices , hours before conducting the informal and yet perfectly legal referendum on the non- privatization of water. The struggle of different groups around Greece to inform all our co – citizens, found fertile ground in a large part of the population that increasingly begins to be actively interested in public affairs. These persistent efforts  to raise public awareness  against privatization of water will continue all over Greece, holding now in our hands the example of Thessaloniki.

The Thessalonians should be doubly proud, to have defended, on one hand, the common good of water , but also to have defended the core of democracy , which is the unmediated expression of the citizens’ will .

We would like to remind to all that Kallikrates law provides for local referendums on any local issues and  any “conformity” rhetoric trying  to ” ignore ” the result will be deeply, up to offensively, undemocratic .

The powerful NO deprives the privatization of EYATH from any legitimacy and poses an insurmountable political obstacle to  the plans of all those who try to implement policies diametrically opposed to what the citizens understand as  “public” , which is no other than their collective interest.

The referendum process is an independent victory of the citizens.

Congratulations to the organizers , the observers and all the volunteers and of course  … Mr. Michelakis for his “contribution” to … spreading the news about the referendum .

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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