Savegreekwater spot “shower” (Something is up with the water)

Savegreekwater spot “shower” (Something is up with the water)

Private water, “dangerous” water

The informative campaign “SOMETHING’S UP WITH THE WATER” was created by the Citizens’ Initiative  SAVEGREEKWATER with the volunteering help of 250 people from the world of cinema, theater and television. Its primary goal is the awareness raising for the protection of the common good of water from privatization:
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Director/Cinematography: Paulos Maurikidis
Script: Paulos Maurikidis/Savegreekwater
Editor/Assistant Director: Daphne Tolis
Art Director: Zeta Sakellariou
Make up artist: Dora Nazou
Sound/Sound Mixer: Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Music: “Prece ao Vento” by Wilson Simonal remix by Mo’ Horizons (from the album “Some More Horizons” 2005)
Producer/Production Manager: Yorgos Nounesis, Zeta Sakellariou

Omiros Poulakis

Special Thanks:
Nikos Kavoukidis
Dione Valencia Giraldo
Denia Safari
Alexandros Aristopoulos
Giorgos Antonakakis


Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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