Athens Law School beats Harvard and “safeguards” water in the process

Athens Law School beats Harvard and “safeguards” water in the process
After the catalytic NO of the citizens to the privatization of water supply in the referendum of Thessaloniki and the historic Decision 1906/2014 of the Council of State of Greece that considers the public sector the default physical carrier of the water service, here comes the success of the students of the Law School of the University of Athens, who won the first place in an international legal competition.  In an environment negatively disposed to the rights of citizens, in this iconic court case, the Greek students, using rules, procedures and practices of the WTO forced the “Court” to accept the return of privatized public water services, demonstrating that proper organization and methodical work are important and indispensable factors in the success of any project. This success of the Greek students is another victory in the ongoing struggle for the preservation of public management of water services.

Learn more by watching the extensive report by ERTOPEN

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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