Savegreekwater spot “Polo” (SOMETHING’S UP WITH THE WATER)

Savegreekwater spot “Polo” (SOMETHING’S UP WITH THE WATER)

Summer is here for good and despite the many open fronts, the struggle for our water gives us a reason to smile. After the CoS decision, the two privatizations of EYDAP and EYATH halted. The first win of the citizens is a fact!

Water, that we look for all the time during the summer months and is basic for our survival, may, for the time being, be safe from privatization, but in order to protect it from commercialization there is a lot still to be achieved.  Multinationals and governments around the globe are taking advantage of our -fabricated- ignorance and will continue to do so. That is why raising awareness is like polo, a “team game”, for all of us, in order to make our water a commons for real.


Knowledge is power!


“Private water, less water”

The informative campaign “SOMETHING’S UP WITH THE WATER” was created by the Citizens’ Initiative  SAVEGREEKWATER with the volunteering help of 250 people from the world of cinema, theater and television. Its primary goal is the awareness raising for the protection of the common good of water from privatization:
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Director: Angelos Frantzis
Script/concept: Yorgos Nounesis/Savegreekwater
Cinematography: Ilias Adamis
Editor: Nickos Vavouris/Artemis Anastasiadou
Sound: Leandros Ntounis
Producer/Production Manager: Yorgos Nounesis
Camera Assistant: Irina Vosgerau
Assistant Director: Elena Dimitrakopoulou

Ref: Aleksandros Alpidis
The team:
Yiannis Chalaris
Yorgos Fitalis
Kostas Koukoumakis
Yorgos Fokas
Panayiotis Adamopoulos
Mathaios Salteris
Nikos Simonis
Thomas Patas
Iasonas Tsagkaris
Manos Chiou
Yorgos Simos
Dimitris Kazakos

Dione Valencia Giraldo
Kefi Nikos
Louis Rationero
Franceska Zazopoulou

Special Thanks:
Spyros Mitritsakis (
AOPF Administrative Board ( and especially Konstantinos Vrachliotis
The coach Nikos Venetopoulos
Nea Smirni swimming pool (
Katerina Pali
Yorgos Analitis
Yorgos Karoumpas

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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