The Milano Film Festival supports SaveGreekWater campaign against water privatization !

The Milano Film Festival supports SaveGreekWater campaign against water privatization !
On Thursday 4 September 2014, the Milano Film Festival opens its doors to thousands of cinema fans in Italy and beyond, and will be proudly hosting the six spots of the SaveGreekWater campaign between screenings, from 4 to 14 September.

This year, the Festival acknowledges water “as an essential resource for life on the planet” and launched a short film competition about water, entitled “THE 400 SIPS”.

While a victory has been gained through the Council of State’s ruling against water privatization of Greek public water companies and the government has announced the halt of the tenders, we believe that, in the long term, privatization of the commons can be defeated only through a combination of grassroots mobilization, legal actions and international solidarity. Therefore while we welcome this new major step to stop water privatization in Europe, we stay alert since  public water management is still under threat in Europe and beyond by international trade deals such as TTIP and TISA and other plans. We are happy that the Milano Film Festival is giving us the opportunity to voice our message to an ever larger audience, outside of Greece.

The six spots of the SaveGreekWater campaign which will be screened during the Festival have been made possible through the pro bono contribution of over 250 film/theater/TV professionals from Greece, including new directors, actors, cinematographers, technicians, etc. A big applaud to all!

To watch the spots of the SaveGreekWater campaign, please follow the link (optional subs in 6 languages):

Milano Film Festival:


Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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