Sitting protest outside the EYDAP offices on Thursday 25/10 at 18.00

Sitting protest outside the EYDAP offices on Thursday 25/10 at 18.00
[box] Thursday 25/10 at 18.00:Sitting protest outside the office of EYDAP Athinas 58. in coordination with the sitting protest at Thessaloniki at the same time on Wednesday outside the EYATH offices.[/box]

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On Wednesday 24 and on Thursday 25 -10-2012 there is a discussion in the Parliament on abolishing the minimum participation of the public sector  (51%) in the Public services companies EYATH. EYDAP. OLTH. OLP,ELTA e.t.c. In essence the voting of this law by the Parliament means the sell-off of these social services and public goods immediately.

The international experience has shown that the privatization of water has resulted often in the skyrocketing of prices  and in some cases in the deterioration of water quality.Although the trend in Europe is the return of water supply companies management to the hands of municipalities, once again with a twenty year delay the Greek state is being ‘modernised’ towards policies of the past.

  • What will be the fate of the water supply in sparsely populated, remote areas that equal high costs for private initiatives ?
  • To what ecological burden can lead the loss of further social control as to the amount of water that is pumped and where it is sold?
  • What exactly will be sold at the end and to what damage to the society as a whole since the high-cost investments of these enterprises are their infrastructures that have already been paid at the expense of taxpayers?

(Berlusconi lost it, Antonis)

Access to water is a human right” (UN 2010)

At a time when public education and public health are shrinking as if they were unnecessary luxury items that cannot be financed, we hereby sound a note of warning. If the fundamental social contract of reciprocity crumbles to the ground, no citizen shall be obligated to pay any direct or indirect taxes. Even if you ignore us and proceed, we, the Greek citizens, shall fight to nullify your actions, as happened in Paris on 1/1//2010. (9)

The history of privatizations has amply demonstrated that the water always returns to its source.

Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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