Discussion at E.K.Volou by citizens of Pelion for water springs and privatization

Discussion at E.K.Volou by citizens of Pelion for water springs and privatization

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[box] The citizens’ initiative of Pelion call all the inhabitants of the region to attend a discussion-event, at the Labour Centre of Volos on Monday, December 3 at 18.00. The discussion will include local issues concerning the protection of water natural springs of Pelion and the actions of the municipal water company of the area. The agenda includes information about the dangers of privatization of water resources, which the initiative SAVEGREEKWATER supports with printed material which will be distributed to the attendees.[/box]

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The Coordinating Committee of the people of Pelion organizes an event-debate regarding drinking water on Monday 3/12 at 18:00 at the Labour Center of Volos.

After over a year of meetings in villages, meetings of the  Coordinating Committee and mobilizations the residents expressed  their  desire  to share their concerns and views with residents of the city that  through Kallikrates became their fellow citizens.

It is a fact hat the problems relating to the adequacy and quality of drinking water in villages both above and below the town are common since the water managing authority DEYAMV and the Municipal Authority that administers it, are one for both regions.

For several years DEYAMV is criticized by the residents of the Planning Group for its policy in the management of drinking water. At times there have been seen in the press complaints about the quality of water, for the pricing policy applied, even for communication policy of the municipal water company. It is after all this time apparent the lack of trust between the company and the citizens – “customers”

DEYAMV is insolvent by now at the eys of the residents of Pelion after the company messed the drinking water with chlorine and took up aggressive policies, ignoring the history, the local economy and the peculiarities of the local communities. Anger and frustration is whhat we have received from our two-year contact with the company.

In our effort to face this aggressive policy,we sought information, we acquired knowledge and formed a round  perspective on the  issues that both the city and the villages are facing which are de facto common.

This is exactly what we would like to expose in an integrated manner, in a constructive discussion with all city residents who are interested. In this discussion we will present our proposal to satisfy the right of Volos residents to drinking water  even straight from the mountain springs.

There is another,  even more important, reason for this communication. And that is the attempted privatization that we will suffer all,  given the will of the IMF and the “rulers” to sell off all natural resources to domestic and foreign investors, who, according to what is happening in the occupied countries, are interested only in maximizing their profits.

We therefore call on the residents of Volos, Nea Ionia and surrounding areas to discuss all these issues and begin to organize our resistance against the policy of DEYAMV that aims to privatize and sell off  the most precious because of its abundance and purity commodity our land: our water

The Coordinating Committee of the people of Pelion



Initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece


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